Sunday, July 17, 2011

etsy msia crafty market with okinokiyo!

we made it to the crafty market! banyak kali dah nak pegi tapi tak penah ada rezeki, so this time i had made sure our schedule is blocked nicely for this event hehhe. as you know i have been helping mai of @okinokiyo to sew for quite a while, and this time she has offered me to put my products at the booth!  i was sooo excited i kept reminding hubby about the event almost everyday hahaha.
we arrived there a bit late coz kerol had a meeting in the morning,  to my surprise the market was BIG, there were also booths selling nonhandmades stuffs like clothes, shoes handbags and such. btw it was held in an open space at JayaOne so we we all sweaty walking from booth to booth on thot sunny day. Ayra was looking forward to meet her kakak nasya but unfortunately she wasnt around. Little missy got all excited (lebih dari mak lol) seeing all the colorful handmade stuffs at mai’s booth,  and she just stood there fiddling with the rosette hairband going oohs and ahhs over them . cantikk tak? cantik tak? non-stop . she was our crowd drawer for a while. lol  then after a while she went doodling on @idoublera’s chalk mat, doing a free demo for customers LOL.  i was hoping to bump into ira there but unfortunately she came n left early that day.
i wasnt there for long but i was lucky enuff to meet another twitter momma @hajarhakim who came by at the booth with her family. sgt geram tgk her lovely kids. apparently the eldest is at the same age with Ayra. :D

all in all, i really had fun at the market, didnt buy anything tho and cant thank  mai enuff for giving me the opportunity. thanks mai!
happy kiddo having  lunch at nandos
okinokiyo booth!
“cantik tak? cantik tak?” over n over again. tak larat lah mommy nak jawab dearr
your little shopping assistant!
ok ni macam boleh mintak royalty from @idoublera nih lol

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