Friday, August 13, 2010

hairclips and pillow case

i havent been sewing for a week! Ayra had been very clingy nowadays dunno why she hardly let me sewing in peace. sigh.
so instead of sewing i kept myself  occupied with a craft project. i made some hairclips with the ribbon stocks that i have . the fun thing was Ayra can play with the undecorated clips while im working with the ribbons. in a way, we are spending time doing  thing together rather than me  letting her playing alone while im sewing on my own.
i really love the cute and colorful ribbons on the hairclips, planning to add them up in our yummy mades collection for sale when we get back :)   dont you just love them? theyre just too cute to resist! haha
and i also made 2 pillowcase for the only 2 pillows that we have in the house using the ikea fabric that i bought before we came here. haha miskin bantal sungguh. i told ya, we learn to appreciate every little things in life since we get here :D
i sew on the afternoon, wash it right away, by petang dah kering n malam guna terus! u see how hot our place is now??