Sunday, November 22, 2009

new baby in the house

the 2049 has offically made her way to our home. 'sweating looking at creditcard statement' LOL
after months n months of research and self-brainstorming,picked her up yesterday from epal in punchong. love the friendly sales assistant, nelly. imm sooo impressed with what her capable of comparing to my moms old singer. still in amaze mode.
hmm im gonna name her aoki coz of the blue knobs? hehe
i foresee more project coming in the future (n buttonholes lol!)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

maisarahs itti bitti

finally after one sleepless night and a few extra hours, i have completely sewn the dress! i used the itti bitti dress pattern for the body, and create the skirt myself i didnt wanted for the skirt to be so ‘kembang’ so i did 2 ruffles instead of 3, and the 2nd layer of the skirt part is sewn together with the 3rd layer along the top edge.

im topstitch maniac , so i topstitched all along the body edge and also the hems to create a crispier finishing.

im all impressed by myself with the result. n hubs too “sugoi ne mommy, sugoii ne” all over. cant wait to make more dresses n garments in the future!

body pattern

Sunday, November 8, 2009

i dug a bunch of my old clothes from Japan which i dont wear anymore n found some t-shirts from uniqlo which i really really love for the comfy knit fabric.

i took one border shirt that was quite old (bought on my 1st year) there were holes here n there, i dont think ill be wearing it again. so i decided to use the body parts to make ayra a pair of room pants.

this is the easiest project ive ever made, i took barely 10 minutes to finish it. you can find the tutorial all over the internet. but unfortunately i cut the waist part a bit short , they became a low-rise pants LOL. maybe ill alter them later.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

highchair slip cover

sewing iss soooo addictive!

we went to ikea whole day yesterday to buy a highchair for Ayra n apparently ikea doesnt provide free plastic bags anymore (u have to buy @RM0.10 /RM0.20 kalau tak silap.) thank god we brought my flip and tumble and n old reusable shopping bag along.

we ended up buying 2 of the highchair (another one to be put @ tok ummis home in p*jaya -kantoi selalu pi dinner kehkeh)

i found that the highchair is soo boring so i decided to make a slip cover for it using some deco fabrics (also bought from ikea) and the leftover pink fleece. hubs had to spend the afternoon in the office marking papers, and since ayra was sleeping soundly, i had the time all for myself so i cut the fabrics n started to sew immediately. the cover is really easy to make, just cut the fabric according to the shape of the chair, sew around the edge both cotton n fleece right side together, leaving an opening and flip it over. itll look better if i topstitch around the edge but i was too lazy n i wonder if the old singer can handle the thickness, so i only topstitched the opening part. hoho

the unisex cover -bak kata kak ira (well planned aa? ekeke)

she now loves watching tv in the new highchair (n cover! :P )

owh and i also sewn in two small handmade straps to the seat part to tie it to the chair.