Wednesday, April 21, 2010

waterfall ruffle skirt


another late night project.
i wanted to do more layers but 3 is already exhausting. bought the fabric at kamdar jalan TAR for rm10/mtr. i really love the softness . but what i hate most is the fabric tends to fray even when ive already trimmed with zigzag stitch. now im wishing for a serger of my own! but that will have to wait. if only money grows on tree……
btw this is a gathered ruffles, if only i have more fabric i would use circular ruffle instead.owh if you want to know more about ruffles, theres a very good post about them from burdaystyle
sorry i had to put it onto tigger coz the the owner is already off to nursery! LOL. anyway the pic didnt do much justice to it, its much much fuller and prettier in real life i wish i can make one for myself!

Monday, April 19, 2010

1st skirt n label

ive been longing to make her a skirt since i started to sew months ago. but since shes been crawling at that time i didnt think skirt would be a good idea for her to wear . soo now that she can walk steadily on her own, i can make her as many skirts as i wish! yeayy!. so i made her 1st skirt form fabbies that i have left (same with fifi’s bib and her diaper bag) . i cut the selvedge (end of fabric) off initially but then deciden to use it again and sew back onto the skirt as an accessory  n it turned out brilliant! i never thot that  both fabrics will go along well together. turned out they did!

its been a long time since i played with photoshop. i used to draw things for fun with it during uni days, but havent got time since i started working. now that im free, i spent some time to make my own label for my-so-called-brand. haha mana tau nanti nak start biz . who knows kan?
i finally came out with this one after long hours figuring out the design.

and i LOVE it! i printed on a transfer paper and iron-on a piece of cloth which i have left from my ikea stash. so now i have my own fabric label! YEAY!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

repurpose: baby roomwear

man im so good at this! haha.
i found some adults baju tido at carrefour that cost only RM5 each so i bought some not for me but to be turned into ayra’s  roomwear heheh cheapskate LOL. its soo much fun doing the repurpose projects coz its easy and i dont need to bentang kain besar2 n cut, plus u can do so many things with just a little time considering u can re-use the hem  n everything. easy peasy!
so here are some of the pictures. sorry i didnt take the pic of the whole process, but judging by this photos, i think u can already get the picture of the whole idea.
the cuts

the outcome

the happynhyper client

susah betul nak snap photo. too active!

repurpose: baby wide leg capri pants

i made a khakis like pants for Ayra by repuposing my prev company's uniform. n it turned out soo cool . unfortunatly the length of the pants was a wee bit unbalance. haha gonna fix it later.

coasters n baby bib

a few projects that ive been workin on
here are coasters for kak ira

aandd a bib for darling fifi, lyns doter. (kasi anaknye lah ye..beralah skeet LOL)

there n F initial at the back too!

sewing roll

i have a tool box-turned into sewing tool box :D bought from carrefour alamanda which i loove so much of its practicality. unfortunately its soo big n definitely not portable at all to be carried out of the house. kang org ingat aku mechanic pulak.LOL  haha

so i  sew a special roll to keep the notions n tools using some of the fat quarters that i have left.
i used fusible fleece as interfacing and a ribbon for the closure (same concept like the previous passport holder)