Thursday, March 18, 2010

washing machine slip cover

ive been wanting to sew something every weekend but we always have other plans, or goin out, or goin back to putrajya yada yada. so this time i measure all my left ikea fabrics n attempted to sew patchwork slip cover for our not-s0-new-anymore w/machinne. our w/m right now is located near the stove so i have been cookin right beside it everyday! i hate to see the lovely white body turning yellow or sticky due to the oil fume /whatsoever so i decided to make a baju for her! hehe
i llovee lovee the out come but boyy patchwork is hard especially when u have to measure n work from scratch! lecehnyeelaa but the outcome was all worth it. yappari if uwant to do slipcovers , its best to work with upholstery fabrics since they drape well due to the heaviness.
im too lazy to  take proper pictures so here are some pic from my camera-phone.

i planned to attach tali at the bottom so that i can tie both end up but next time ajelah. the whole measuring, cutting and sewing process was tiring already. besar gila woh nak jahit menda alah nih. berat pulak tu! :D

now all my ikea fabrics are used! yeay!