Tuesday, May 31, 2011

making money from the hobby

Since i got back from japan i have been thinking about turning this (sewing) into a money making hobby a lot. i was very inspired with mai of okinokiyo who sacrified her high paying job to be a WAHM. i have the skills ,(well not much, but i can sew garments so, it is something isnt it? lol) but i really dont have the courage to start.
Then , Alhamdulillah, Mai offered me to help her to sew some hats and i got paid for it! finally im making money from my hobby, its not much compared to your monthly pay that you get from working in the office, but i value every single ringgit and I really treasure the time that i spent making them. im now sewing some dresses for her and im loving it. I honestly think this is a good start for me and i hope i can open orders of my own brand soon but maybe not now. yet. im still working on some products (dunno when its possible to be revealed tho hahaha) pls pray for me ok. :D
btw these are some of the projects that ive work on this past couple months
  • sucking pads ordered by a twitter friend to be used on her new ergo
  • car litter bag for my besties, the lining is made from laminated cotton so you can just wipe it clean! i wish i made one for my car. haiyah.
  • a super size jumbo bean bag from scratch measuring 180cmx150cm (!) for myself but got hogged by the diva in the house. the comfiest thing ever! i had the beans imported all the way from ipoh thanks to Liz of Snuggbaby! lol the power of twittervalley.

the most cruciating part of the project was my decision to sew appliques on the jumbo bean bag cover, which gave me severe headaches for not having enuff sleep finishing it. pheww im sooo glad its done. and i will not do that again, EVER!

  • a tunic for ayra

    • a pair look for both of us :D im loving my dress to bits!
    hopefully i can work my butt off to sew more soon!