Monday, November 1, 2010

Kurung for toddlers

my first attempt to sew a kurung was when ayra was 5 years old. and that was my first sewing project! hamboi start2 but baju kurung ok. LOL perasan terer. but thanks to the world wide web, i found an easy tutorial wrote by Maya of mycrazyartzone.
it was so easy i complete the top whitin few hours!
 this year, i made another kurung for Ayra using a designer fabric from heidi grace collection,

then what-da-ya know, a friend approached me for a custom made kurung for her toddler :D
i was all excited and cut the fabric right away. my first customer! im soo proud of myself. i finished the kurung and sent it over back home to msia. so azie, if ure reading this thank you soo much for giving me the opportunity :) hope you liked the outcome :D


this is Ayra wearing a dress made by our friend and host in london, aida which she sewed while we were staying there! omg aida is soo talented im soo impressed with all her works (i can see some of them hanging in the guest room hehe) n it is sooo nice of her to sew something for my little baby.Ayra loves it soo much she wants to wear it every time she sees
unfortunately after few mnths this young lady outgrown the nightdress ! she can still fit it but some parts are a bit tight especially the tummy part lol, so i made her another one with the same design and she loves it. im gonna keep the old one as one of the sweetest memory of us in london. thanks aida!

owh i hate build-in flash


we bought a house this year, we havent collect the keys yet but i already have a thousand ideas of how i want my future kitchen to be like. haha women .
so i decided to make some coasters for my future kitchen lol

arent they just lovely?

camera stuffs

most of you know how i love photography so much. since were out travelling a lot lately, so i made some accessories for my hardworking camera. they are soo practical and i love all of them! were coming home soon , maybe i can open orders for those who are interested?

camera strap

back view, i added a compartment for the lens cap which tends to go MIA everytime i start to shoot! LOL

another strap i made for a good friend, i love the color combination !

a beanie bag for self-taking pictures. we left the tripod back at home so that explains why! haha

personal garments

These are some stuffs that i made for myself last summer. sewing for adults are much way easier compare to babies/kids stuffs. but theyre less fun to to dont you think? :P

a roomwear skirt , its so comfy in fact im wearing it now! :P

a sleeveless tunic. the neck wasnt suppose to be like that, i followed patterned in a japanese book but unfortunately the neck design doesnt go well with my fabric so i changed it myself and quite happy with the result!

this tunic is made from double gauze fabric. it the comfiest fabric ive ever worked with! too bad we dont have it back home in msia. maybe i can buy some and keep them as stocks? :P owh btw the crinkle look is not the original look of the fabric, this tunic just got out from my washing machine when i took a photo of it. HAHA

so the three were the addition of 5 garments that i made to myself. theyre not that impressive but as long as i can wear it comfortably , thats fine with me :)