Friday, July 30, 2010

sun hat and nursing top

this week projects
1. ayras reversible sun hat.
outer fabric- japanese linen
lining- alex. henry
2. empire access nursing top
fabric from lecien , found it on sale at 300yen for 2mtr cut! (=total below rm10!)

sorry for the serious face, tak sempat nak senyum haha

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

primark inspired

since i have a very limited space to sew here , i have to put all my sewing stuff in one bag, coz my current roll is quite wide and i dont have any table to lay it on,and kalau buat atas lantai, abislaa miss kepochi join LOL, so i sew myself a big pouch for the tools. the roll is now used for keeping Ayras color pencils.

one size fits all pouch.
i use a vinyl adhesive on the outer cotton fabric , but i think the bare cotton look would suit the pouch much better. silap. supposed i used it for the lining should be better. i realy love the print coz it really suits the function of the pouch.

see, semua pun muat. dengan pin cushion sekali masuk hoho
i also made myself a sling bag for daily outing to fit my wallet , hp n small stuffs. the big poppy is quite heavy to bring along when shop for groceries, and since i dont have to bring any diaper for short outing, i think this bag is just perfect for its purpose. the original bag was the red bag in my previous tunic entry that i bought from pri*mark london which i really love for its practicality. it was quite a challenge to sew a bag without any pattern or guideline. i just trace the bag on a paper and cut the pattern free hand without any measuring haha.THANK GOD it turned out as i wanted it to be. seriously this bag is pretty awesome and convenient! ada sapa2 nak order ke? kekeke

the hardest part was to attach the zipper. berpeluh2! LOL

lining and strap using the same alex. henry fabric.

Friday, July 16, 2010

longsleeve tunic

this time i made the tunic a bit bigger for ayra so she can wears it for a longer time :)
Amal, i used the cotton that you gave me for my bday:) meccha kawaiiii
the hardest part was the cuffed sleeve. berpeluh2 jugak coz it soo small. but once youve get the hang of it,totally doable :D
mommy made me another dress, yeayy!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

tutorial- hanging towel

hanging hand towel is quite expensive to buy here so i bought a 100yen face towel and sew myself a hanging handtowel for our kitchen.
the tutorial photos are incomplete coz i kept forgetting to take pictures when i sew. haha . really sorry about that. i hope you can understand the simple explanation .its really easy to make , you can use normal fabric instead of patchwork.

what you need
fabric – fat quarter should do . i dont have a specific measurement here, but you can measure according to your desired finished size. let say you want a 10cmx10cm square, so cut 20cmx10cm plus another 1cm at all edge for the hem.
interfacing- fleece/batting /any interfacing will do.  size – same with , but halve the the length of your fabric
binding cum holder – this also depends on how long you want the towel to be hanged, letsay you want it to be 5cm long, so just cut 10+10(sides)+5(hanging part)+2(hem) x 4cm to make a bias tape. (lebih kurang, budget sendiri ye!)
towel. any length /width that you like! hehe
1. fold towel into half, gather the folded side into your desired width and stitch . (same as fabric width),
2. sew the right side of the fabric together with interfacing (i use flannel) onto the gathered towel
and fold the fabric into half and sewl the other end to the other side of the towel and make sure you fold 1cm of the edge inside and sew. (boleh paham ke eh , ayat macam keling LOL) but the pic is a lil bit blurry . sorryyy
sew the binding on both sides , leaving the middle of the tape as the holder looking lebih kurang like this
tadaaa , hanging hand towel done! now i can cook happily in the kitchen yeay.
happy trying~~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

lazy love quilt

i managed to complete the patchwork within a day. . but the hardest part was of course the quilting part.  being lazy me , i thought i can just stitch the whole quilt without basting. and i dont event have any darning foot with this machine! this is an ultimate beginner machine and sadly of couse she couldnt handle the thickness. the whole fabric is is wide and long while my bb#2 is soo small to compare with. i tried to run the stitch freely but in the end , the top and bottom was all separated looking horribaly ugly. the edge looked all senget and weird  but the stupid thing was  i keep on sewing. hahah makezugirainandakara! . after few run , i was too tired and all tense with the result. i stopped and kept the unfinished quilt in the closet and started a new project instead – which was my hat.
i kept neglecting the quilt until almost one week later . i felt sorry for not finishing the project that ive started. Thinking thereis no way i can continue the quilting part, i removed all the stitches one by one. it felt like forever since there were quite a lot of stitches .finally when i was done , i bind all the edges. when i first started the quilt my initial plan was to handsew the binding, but since i was too tired from the removing work, i gave up and machinestitch the binding instead.
phew this was the longest and hardest project that ive ever made. But  seeing how Ayra loves it sooo much, rolling over soon as i lay the quilt on the floor, was priceless.  i dont think ill be making any quilt more soon , but if ada rezeki for 2nd baby, insyaAllah, will try for 2nd time. hehe
quilt without any quilting technique. lol can it still be called quilt?
Ayra smiling happily on her new quilt

sleeveless pop shirt

i saw the design in a magazine n decided to cut the fabric from scratch without any pattern . i tried to use the cheapest fabric that i have coz i dont wanna waste any expensive designer fabric if it doesnt work out.
Surprising it turned out FINE! it was supposed to be a long sleeve shirt but i wrongly cut the sleeve and they became too tight for ayras chubby arm so i chopped both of the sleeves and turned it into a sleeveless shirt instead.  i used my snap button plier for the first time, eventho it was a bit confusing at first but it was really easy to use once i master the steps.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

i managed to finish a dress for Ayra. the fabric is from Heidi Grace collection. since bb#2 cannot make buttonholes, so i just sew straps on the back . the pockets were unbalanced coz i didnt measure at all when i sew them but i think they gave a more trendy look for the dress. hehe

and last but not least the chic pox model! hehe

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

adult hat

ive been missing my sewing session soo much. its been along time since we were packing b4 flying off to japan , then the euro trip and so on, i havent been sewing for couple of months.
when we got back from the trip, hubs surprised me with this little baby#2.

Its a  cheap beginner machine, but its from janome! hoho pretty much reliable one, but quite noisy. it only has two stiches (normal and zigzag) but bak kata kat neeza, as long as it can sew , fine with me! hehe
the only problem that im facing now is not having the automatic needle threader. kahkah belagak sungguh. my bb#1 has one, soo im now terkial2 cari lubang jarum. LOL. and since it also doesnt has any buttonhole stitch, i might just have to avoid any project with button or maybe just opt for snap buttons from now on. did it tell you i found a snap button plier here?? coolness!
anyways, ive been working with a patchwork quilt  for ayra already for few days now buy seems like this machine just couldnt handle it anymore. its a very small machine, (sgt macam toy!) so the space is very limited and its hard for me to sew on the big and thick quilt. haiya sayang betul sbb patchworknye sangat cute. ill post the picture later.
so i left the quilt aside (unfinished haha) and worked on another project which is a hat for myself.  its a pretty easy one and i managed to finish just in few hours time. unfortunately , i missjudged and use a very lovely cotton knit for the lining which turned up making my hate a lil bit gelembung(?) but its very comfy though! and i still love it. hehe

im planning to sew at least one project a day. wonder if its possible..