Thursday, October 22, 2009

little red dress


i bought this cheap cotton fabric from kamdar wayy back when i was pregnant with you

i wanted to make the dress with a much much prettier patterned cotton, but too afraid if i waste the expensive fabric so i settled with this.but it turned out i did fine. !:D

i cut the the fabric according to a pattern i got from a japanese sewing book couple months back with u next to me trying to eat the pieces. owh btw i hate tracing. it kills me.

just finished the dress tonight, will send the dress to make buttonhol on the backside tomorrow.

ill add some embellishments (applique or embroidery or ur name maybe) when i have the time.

btw pls ignore the unmatching white thread, i only have one bobbin, n was too lazy to change to red one. (hoho mmg tak leh buat jual ini macam)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

heidi grace passport holder

i made a passport holder to keep all of our passports together, mmg pulun tgh malam jahit. glad it turned out ok. maybe will put up a tutorial for this later. really love the outcome!

fabric bought from here!. a very good service from kak lyn! hehe