Thursday, August 27, 2009

soft sole shoes

sorry for the bad color combination . but theyre purposely made to match her baju raya so that explain the same top fabric.

i should have lined the single fleece sole with other fabric to make it sturdier tho. takpe , next attemptla pulak.

shoes pattern

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

infant baju kurung

baju kurung for babies

Yeap, u read me right, i sew! for the first time in my life i sew a garment! fuh kagummm. ini betul2 yareba dekiru.

i followed the exact tutorial from here , thank you soo much maya for the tutorial. really super easy to understand for a beginner like me! and its not that hard you know . if you think u can , u CAN!

i havent sew the sarong yet, but the kurung is definitely impressive! forget the uncountable jahit-bukakbalik-jahit attempts but ishh isshh kagum sungguh with my own work. , i carry around to my moms house just to show off. HAHA wahh i can imagine now moree n moreee dressess to be made in the future!

didnt take many picture of the process tho.





kain dah siap! hehe. to my surprise i was faster n it felt easier to make this time. practice really makes perfect!

Monday, August 24, 2009


wahh, yumyum on blogger! thats soo not me.
ive created this blog to encourage myself to sew better, craft more n stop buying those factory made stuffs. YEAH RIGHT

heres to HANDMADE!