Sunday, January 17, 2010

little red dress

dress for baby tasneem.
baby tasneem turned 2 couple weeks back, n nannoor held a party n invited us. so i decided to sew her DD a little flowery n dotty red dress a bday gift, it only take me one night to cut n sew everything up, but i actually messed up the neck part which i had wrongly cut but somehow i managed to fix it coz i was too sleepy to cut the part all over again.
i made a lill ruffle at the shoulder , and add some lace so it can be tied at the back. i bought the lace at a 100yen shop in japan b4 i got back without knowing what to do with it  , but im glad that the finally find its purpose :D .
i always buy things i dont have any plan  to use but in the end i use it anyway, so thats why  i think anything about sewing is a worth investment, seriously hehe.i guess hubs understand this very much. :P
btw i use the leftover fabric to make the flower applique which i love soo soo much about this dress. plannig to to make one for ayra but preferably to be worn once she can walk. long dress and a  crawling  baby just dont do well together if u know what i mean. :)

n of course we couldnt resist to ‘testdrive’ with our very own lil model , hehe

hope u like it nannoor!