Wednesday, December 9, 2009

diaper bag n flower girl dress

ive finished a few project but i forgot to post some of them here,
so here are my latest finished and ongoing project

    project 8
diaper bag

 It took me  almost 3 weeks to finish this one! its not that hard but the thickness sickened me everytime LOL
i used designer fabric for the outer, and left ikea fabric (from maisarahs dress) for the inner. i also used fusible lightweight interfacing and fiber batting to make it sturdier, overall, i love the result! been using it in most of our outing already. best!
    Project 9
learn to walk belt
i always inspired by Ashley from makeitnloveit , ive been planning to this n that but hardly have the time!  but luckyly this project doesnt require much time n was very2 easy to make, so i decided to give it a try. its a body belt to help ayra to learn to walk. like ashley ,we both are tall people, so its quite tiring to bend over holding her hand while her making some steps. so by using this i no longer have to bongkok2 n suffer back pain during tatih session n its really fun to use!
sorry , i forgot to take pic with ayra wearin it, so guna coco-chan to pose for the photo coz lil princess needs her beauty sleep . :D

    project 10
ayras flower girl dress
i decided to sew a flower girl dress for ayra to wear @ anis wedding this weekend, i started cutting the fabric around 10ish last night n by 2am , the dress is already looking like this

i can tell myself improving quite a lot already coz i no longer do the jahit-bukakbalik-jahit thing and hardly use the seam ripper . bangga ok hehe the skirt was cut n measured free-hand and i also made the pleat free-hand to0, which explains the uneven gap of every pleat. pemalas betul , baju anak takpelah, kot baju customer kena measure suma siap2 baru cantik. hehe
btw the dress is not done yet, still need to finish the sleevem waist ribbon and the skirt hem. overall – really2 love the color! bought the sateen n baju melayu fabric from kamdar @ rm5/ mtr. cheap huh?