Monday, July 18, 2011


i love birthday events, they just give me another reason to sew something special for someone :D

i made this little yukata for a tweetmomma friend's 1 y/o son birthday .isnt it cute?? this is my first time sewing for boys but im glad it turned out fine. now i want a boy for myself!

and few days ago we were invited to another bday party by hubs colleague, when i told him to buy the bday present for the bday girl, he said y dont u sew something instead ? haha senang cakapp. it was so last minute and i didnt have enuff time to sew a garment, so i decided to sew a little handbag for the 2 y/o bday girl. ayra saw the handbag and claimed it as hers immediately. i definitely need to sew her another one for this coming raya!
didnt use any pattern for this handbag, i just cut the fabric spontaneously and went along with it. glad it turned out fine!

the cute outer fabric is from @arifahira :D (padded)
closure : magnetic button

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