Friday, July 1, 2011

dress for ayra

ayra is outgrowing most of her handmade clothes, so i decided to make some dresses for her so that she can wears it if we go to any special occasions like bday party n such . (lately im getting remarks how boyish her wardrobe is , duhh)

i made a princess dress (well thats what she called it lol) from the fabric i got on sale back in japan, but unfortunately it was a bit tight for her and she was able to wear it only few times (T_T), 

then i did a 2nd attempt , and change the design , and came up with this one which she loves it soo much. the dress was a bit short (just below her panties) so it has to be worn with pants. 
front  view
ignore the 'arrogant face' i told her to chin up when i shoot this , so this is what i got .LOL
back view
the bodice is lined, and if you look closely you can see that i have sandwiched in white lace in between,a lil bit troublesome and there were spots where the lace was slightly hidden in btween fabrics but i love it nevertheless. and ive use some wooden leaf buttons which i bought from etsy years ago and they really go well with the dress :D

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